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Shaxi Projekt
A truck for Siweng

Improvement of the transportation facilities in the Shuiluo Valley

Overview – No local market exists in the Shuiluo Valley and the possibilities to buy and sell local goods are very limited. However, in 2002, a new road has been built, making the market of Muli accessible within an one day’s truck drive.

The main problem now is the transportation costs for local goods. It is very difficult for the villagers to organize transportation from Shuiluo to Muli by themselves, as cars are too expensive to buy and driving training is only available in cities. Therefore, the local population depends on drivers from outside. This causes an increase of the prices of local products, which makes it difficult to sell them in Muli at a competitive basis – an extraordinary burden for this region, which counts among the poorest of China.

Project description – The purchase of a village truck and the driving training for a young man allow the villagers of Siweng and the surrounding villages the transportation of goods and people to favorable conditions. Thus, it eases the trade with local products.

Funding – Both the driving training of a young man and the purchase of a second-hand truck is funded by the "Verein Mitenand" (Switzerland), and private donors.


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