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The school project

Extension of the primary school in Dongla

>> pictures of the new primary school in Dongla

Overview – Cultural diversity characterizes the village group of Dongla, located in the north of the remote Shuiluo Valley in SW China. Dongla comprises around 1200 people. It is made up of five villages, inhabited by three different ethnic groups, the Shuhi (Xumu), Pumi and Gami. The different villages are located at altitudes between 2200 and 2600 m and some of them are accessible by foot only.

The primary school of Dongla for first and second grade was very small. After second grade, the children have to attend school in Shuiluo, the valley's capital village. However, the way to Shuiluo takes at least three walking hours, which is too far for the little children. Most of them abandon school after two years. Furthermore, around 20 children each year could not attend classes due to shortage of space. To allow all children of Dongla at least a four-year school attendance, an extension of the school was urgently needed.

Relevence of the project – Fundamental changes shape the people's life in Dongla. At the end of 2002, a hydroelectric power plant had been built, supplying all houses with electricity in the evening and allowing the purchase of televisions. In the same time, the area had been made accessible by a road. These two things influence the lives of the people strongly.

Education is essential for the orientation in a fast changing world. It is vital to enable the children of Dongla to attend school for four years. Afterwards, they are old enough to continue class in the distant Shuiluo school. For these reasons, we decided to develop a joint project with the local community for an extension of the Dongla school.

Construction of the school – After somewhat more than one year of planning and a construction time of two months, the new primary school of Dongla has been finished. The 55 students and their three teachers could move into the new classrooms right on time of the new school year 2005.
With the construction of this school, a foundation has been built for an improved education in the remote Shuiluo Valley. Even an additional third teacher could have been employed already.

Funding – The extension of the primary school in Dongla was funded by the "Verein Mitenand" (Switzerland) and private donors.

>> pictures of the new primary school in Dongla

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